Selbstregulation/ Selbstbestimmung

Innere Ressourcen stärken

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

I offer coaching in english in Heimbach, Germany (40 min. drive from Cologne), or Newport or Bedfordshire in the summer time.

January 2017

Engage with mother nature to gain trust and things start flowing again

- it's amazing

it's in the subconscious

I have been practicing EFT for some time now and it's an amazing tool which I would like to share with you.

I have learned EFT with Maya de Vries from Cologne. Who completed a masters degree with founder Gary Craig. I work holistically - body, mind and soul.

So I combine EFT with other relaxing techniques in order to gain access to the subconscious.

EFT is a tool to regain inner freedom and to deal with thouse issues, that seem to repeat themselves.

EFT is a unique, practical tool to empower yourself. It's individual to find your own personal authentic anwers. Be yourself.

Remembering our true essential being- reconnecting to your core being- beyond good or bad experiences

Guided meditation- visualization

Connect to your innate wisdom

If you are interested give me a call or write to me.

I offer coaching in Germany (52396 Heimbach/ Eifel) in german or english.

I spent time in Newport, Gwent


and Glastonbury.

Please write to me on myriam.adams (at) for further details.

If I am in England/ Wales I might not access my e-mails regularly.

But you can write to me and leave your number and I will get in touch, when I am in Britain.

Please write a text message to 0049-176 430 533 38 and I will return your call.

I am looking forward in meeting you.

Best wishes from


Be yourself! Enjoy life!

Start with the small things- step by step

Holistic EFT

“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” Gary Craig Founder of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Spring, 2015


My name is Myriam Adams and I would like to invite you to a brief introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). The course will take place in Newport/ Wales each summer. (I will get more information closer to the date, if you are interested please mail me at myriam.adams(aaaaat) and I will update you with time,venue and costs).

I have learned EFT at Maya de Vries’ courses, who attented Gary Craig's courses and holds a Master EFT degree, which were handed out by Gary in the earlier years.

EFT has changed my life and it is a heartfelt wish for me to introduce you to an easy to apply technique, which you can also use yourself at home.

We work holistic, with body, mind and soul.

On the outside this is what can happen with EFT:

Burnout prevention

Relationship issues

Relax to regenerate

Release any blockages

Stress Management

Breathing techniques

Improve your personal resources

More concentration

More energy

Improved life quality

Improved family or business atmosphere


On the inside EFT is a tool to access the core of your issues.

It doesn't matter if you are tackling health problems, financial or relationship problems. To gain self healing abilities it's important to look at the connections you have (sometimes unconsciously) to thouse issues. It's time to go within...

EFT has helped other people to kick off their self healing abilities or help them for example dealing with a negative relationships within a family. I will explain to you what (if) the limits are of EFT and also give you examples where EFT might work.

There are many miracle storys about EFT on the internet. On the one hand I do not want to make any (false?) promises to raise your hopes. On the other hand - wouldn't it be a crime not to try? Every person is different and so is the solution. Are you ready to take the plunge and see what happens if you take responsibility again?

It's all about understanding the pattern behind it.

But first it's all about stabilizing yourself!                                         
One doesn't have to necessarily know all the details, or experience negative emotions again. The subconscious can still work for you without looking at every single detail.

Stress can be a big factor in reducing our ability to feel happy and healthy. A little bit of stress is ok to get us going, but if we feel overburdened stress can play a major factor and can affect our health. EFT can help you to relax and to find your inner strength.

You are looking for a solution and you are worried you might not find a solution which is right for you and everybody involved? Or you think there is no solution to your problem? EFT can get you into a relaxed state of mind, where you feel cared for and in this state of mind you can access your subconscious. So it's not me giving you answers to your problems, but with the help of EFT you could access your subconscious and get your personal solution from here.

It has been the impulses I had from deep within, that have truly changed my life. And to get these impulses from within, call it inspiration or a calling, I use EFT or a phantasy journey.

EFT is holistic and works with body, mind and soul. Yes, you can work on your body and achieve improvements within your mind and vice versa. But combining all of them together can achieve even better results.

One of my most deeply profound experiences was during a fantasy journey. I was shown that we carry everything we need to thrive within us. So what is stopping us from accessing our inner resources? Is it fear? Anger? Any blockages can be looked at with EFT, to open the gate to your own personal intrinsic wisdom.

These are the aspects I might be looking at during an EFT session:

- whether the problem is your own or lies within any family ties

- to see which issue has main priority and in which order

- I will look at all aspects of a problem, coming from different angles.

- issues of guilt

- how to aid you to relax and trust the flow of life and improve your basic sense of deeply rooted natural trust

- belief systems installed in childhood and general experiences in childhood

- common triggers, i.e. a conflict is resolved but the surroundings and circumstances trigger similar or same symptoms

- turn around "negative" past experiences and "neutralize" them in every cell in your body

During the course I will talk about:

Surrogate tapping (for children and/or animals)

Focus on your personal target, discuss tail enders (what stops you from reaching your goal)

Difference between global issues and detailed issues.

What to do if EFT doesn’t work

We will discuss aspects and main themes

Psychological reverses

Energy toxins

And case studies, to give you some examples

EFT shall not replace any therapies you are currently undertaking, so please consult your doctor and do not stop any medication without talking to your doctor.

I will explain, when to use EFT at home and when to use it with a consultant.

Why is it important to work holistic? How long will a process be...

Please note, this is not a course for you to learn EFT from scratch to be able to work on your clients. This course is intended to get you interested in EFT and either to work with me or any other EFT consultant from there on. I can show you some easy techniques to relax yourself, using EFT and breathing techniques. But please don’t expect such a short course to show you the complex world of EFT.

Be happy! Thrive!

I invite you to a most interesting 2 hour conference and exchange about energy work and especially about EFT.

You have the chance to meet me personally and feel if the moment has now come to tackle these subjects you have been carrying around with you…

I work as a mobile practitioner.

I am looking forward in meeting you personally and to discuss EFT, which has changed my life for the better!

Kind and warm regards,


Myriam Adams

Tel.: 0049-2446-805965

Whenever you are dealing with deep seated issues I would like you to be aware that it is important for you to stay stable and secure. So if we are dealing with a large issue, with any old traumas, I would recommend you not to work on your own, but with your consultant of choice. Please contact me personally, to see whether there is enough time to start an EFT session during my stay in England, or if you are comfortable to use EFT in another setting. Then we won't work uncovering issues, but only giving you strength and find new ways to your own ressources. Call me about fantasy journeys. We can combine them with stabilising EFT. Also we keep the conscious mind busy with a special technique to stop those never ending "what if's" and other blockades.

“While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Further, Gary Craig is not a licensed health professional and offers EFT and all other methods on this website as an ordained minister and as a personal performance coach. Please consult qualified health practitioners regarding your use of anything on this website.” , sighted on on the 09.01.2014.

The term Emotional Freedom Technique is a trademark in Germany. The owner demands the following statement (freely translated): "The way I write and teach about EFT on my site is MY understanding of EFT, not that of its original founder, Gary Craig"